• City Kidz Pre-School was established in 1988 and provides a strong basic curriculum for children aged between 2 – 6 years.

    A smaller “boutique” Centre catering for just 38 children per day, City Kidz has been “Owner Operated” since its opening and to this day our Centre Director remains one of our Early Childhood Teachers. We do not EMPLOY a manager to run our Centre. Our highly qualified and dedicated team of childcare professionals boast more than 100 years of combined experience in the education field, so you can be assured that your child will receive the very best education and strong platforms will be laid for the future in our warm, homelike atmosphere.  

    Learning is seen as a process of change in patterns of thinking, valuing, feeling and acting as a result of interaction between the child and their environment.

    In this process the child builds their own understanding of the environment in terms of concepts and relationships. Children then use these concepts and relationships in a variety of ways. Broadly speaking, learning can be described as perceiving, organising and re-organising, thus enabling the child to make meaning of the world around them.

    The City Kidz  programme has been designed to contribute towards the development of children who can operate with independence, flexibility and responsibility in their changing environment.

    Our Centre aims to bring together all that is considered valuable in early childhood practice. Our implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Program, ensures individual programming based upon each child’s strengths and needs.

  • The pre-school period for most children is the time to build foundations. Children feel secure when they know what is expected of them. With requirements planned and encouragement gentle but consistent most children will take their first steps towards self discipline, self management and self reliance. Your child’s educational experience at City Kidz will prepare them for the wider and more complex world of school in a pleasant way.

    City Kidz has been recognised consecutively as an “Outstanding Specialised Service in the Strathfield area and an “Australian Achiever”.

  • Educational Learning Experience Provided

    • Comprehensive recording of individual achievements
    • Exciting educational experiences and performances provided
    • Individual attention in a small-class setting
    • Educational learning program
    • School readiness program
    • Positive and supportive learning environment for your child
    • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere
    • Educational resources
    • Literacy and numeracy program.
    • Engaging creative arts program
  • Our Staff

    Our staff consists of four early childhood teachers and three assistants with qualifications and experience in early childhood care and education. We have been educating children for over thirty (30) years. Our goal is to create a stimulating environment that engages each child and develops them to their full potential.

    • Enjoyable Learning
    • Nutritional Meals
    • Friendly Atmosphere
    • Highly Skilled Staff